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Nightmare #97
Words and Music by: Larry Norman I was standing on the corner When I heard my bulldog bark [laughter] (Start again. Oh, wait a minute fellas. Ok, take two!) I was standing on the corner When I heard my bulldog bark I looked up into the sky And saw lights moving through the dark. They were coming down from Heaven Each one was brighter than a star And I said to my bulldog I wonder what they are. I couldn't run, I could not swallow I could only shake with fear They were coming toward me And they were getting near. I heard people screaming around me In the darkness of that night Then I fell in silence I was blinded by the light. I felt my body drop off me Like an old black overcoat I heard my bulldog howl And I began to float. Aow, and as that light came down around me Well I could not see a thing But I could feel a presence And I heard voices begin to sing. (Ah, yeah!) Tell you what How can I tell you what happened I don't know what happened I was just standing there with my bulldog And I saw this light in the sky Ok I'll tell you I'll try to tell you. The next thing I remember Well, someone grabbed my hand I felt my spirit flying Far above the land No, no, no, I was flying, whooo! I was standing at the gates of Heaven When a hand reached out to touch my head Then I fell through a hole in Heaven I landed back in my bed. I started weeping, I felt so lonely And my soul began to scream Had it just been my imagination Well, it seemed so much more real than a dream. Couldn't believe it I was still standing there in bed With this crazy vision Going round and round in my head I say what was I thinking, what was I to do Oh, somebody gotta help me, this can't be real Watch out! Now if you see me standing on the corner And you hear my bulldog bark You better look up in the sky In case there's something in the dark. Sometimes I stay here until its morning And I look up in the night Because you've got to be ready If you want to see the light. I'm just standing on the corner Looking for something that was Prophesied by the wise and foretold by the old Don't be standing in the darkness Like a man who's lost his way Because he let his lamp go out Because he wasn't prepared For the undeniable arrival Of the Judgment Day.