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Leaving The Past Behind
Words and Music by: Larry Norman I'm putting on my walking shoes Please help me find my hat It's time that I was leaving Got no time for looking back I'm going away, yeah! Feeling fine, wow! When it's time to go You gotta leave the past behind. When I look up through my window It's as dark as it could be But I know the Son is coming To wake the world from sleep I'm going away, going away Feeling fine, whoa, oh And when you follow where He leads You've got to leave the past behind. Man is born to trouble Everybody got the blues People looking for an answer People listen for good news So if you got the answer Then there's one thing you must do You must tell them what you know And you must live a life that's true. Oh, man is born to trouble Everybody's got the blues People praying for an answer People hoping for Good News So if you know the answer There is one thing you must do You must walk, you must talk You must hurry up to beat the clock You must tell them to get ready So they can leave the past behind. Well my circle is completed I've got to travel on So if you understand, don't talk about me when I'm gone I'm going away (going away) I'm going away (going away) I'm feeling fine 89 is really 99 I'm going away, going away, going away Island in the sky is number nine I'm going away, going away, going away I'm feeling fine. Well it's a good, good feeling When you leave the past behind, yeah! I got to start another circle Got to leave the past behind. Ooowe! I'm going away You won't see me for a while I've gotta do something I gotta walk an extra mile But I'll see you in the city of the lost angels.