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Larry Norman's 1981 concert at the Dominion Theatre in London was one of the  defining moments in his career. Rumor is that backstage after the gig The  Jam's legendary producer Vic Coppersmith offered Larry a recording contract  on the spot. This CD reissue of the concert exhibits more than just the passion  exuded on stage, but the wit and personality of the man. By not excluding the  banter between songs as many modern live CDs do, it provides an insight  into the man and mission. Looking back on an era when The Beatles and  The Who were admirers and contemporaries of Norman, it's hard to think of a  Rock 'n' Roll act achieving success on a par with Norman, yet remaining as  outwardly Christian and evangelistic as he did. From the frank blues opener "I  Feel Like Dying" to the poignancy of piano-led ballad "I Wish We'd All Been Ready" Larry  introduces almost all his songs with a mixture of humor and serious messages. Before "Why  Can't You Be Good" he talks about the nature of love, not before remarking "sometimes you  have trouble falling in love with the right girlfriend. I mean it's hard enough picking the right  parents!" The versatility of his powerfully resonant voice is apparent throughout as he  embraces soul, blues and drawls like Bob Dylan on "Put Your Life Into His Hands". The CD  opens with five tracks from support acts and friends Alwyn Wall and the Barratt Band, who  combine social commentary with Rock 'n' Roll. While this reissue only offers eight live tracks  from the man many attribute as the father of CCM, the quality of recording and performance  are fantastic. Personnel  Larry Norman - Vocals  Alwyn Wall - Vocals and Guitar Norman Barratt - Vocals and Guitar  Barratt Band - Drums, Bass, Backup Vocals
Track List 1    The Only One 2    Not The Way 3    I'm Alright Jack (Money) 4    Hold On 5    Dreams On Sand 6    I Feel Like Dying 7    Why Can't You Be Good 8    A Note From Mr. God 9    Put Your Life Into His Hands 10  I Wish We'd All Been Ready Extra tracks on the 2007 CD releases 11  Everybody Work 12  Stop This Flight