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Dreams On Sand
Words and Music by: Alwyn Wall (This next song is just a revised version of the parable that Jesus gave. About a man who built his dream on sand. And when the storms of life came against that dream, it didn't stand. It just fell. But Jesus says he that builds his house upon the Rock. When the storms of life comes against that. Nothing can shift it. Jesus is the Rock. And no matter what comes against, Jesus is still there. Ah, I just, I just really, really praise God that He's doing the work in this land. Right? And I'm just grateful for His Grace, because man. Talk about where sin abounds, Grace abounds much more. His Grace upon this land, England, is a pretty heavy, you know. What we need in this country is people who stand upon the Word of God and don't compromise it. People who... People who believe it from Genesis to Revelation. The whole bit. And don't pick and choose which bit you gonna believe because, I tell ya. There's lots of things happening in this world of ours. Really heavy things and I believe the Lord's gonna return real soon. Man I'm ready to go. Let's go now, I tell ya!) I have seen it with my own eyes Some of the things that people do And it comes as no surprise 'Cause they're looking down on God It's a foolish thing to do It's a silly thing to do It's a dangerous thing to do. I have heard it with my own ears Some of the things that people say Only because their life is filled with doubts and fears It's a lonely place to stay It's an empty place to stay And it's a saddest place to stay. But faith is a rocket ship climbing far above the stars And doubt is a submarine going down Every man must bear his own scares But life's gonna bring it from time to time And life's no children's game we play Even children have to grow someday It's worth too much to throw away. And catching your dreams could take a lifetime But losing may only take one day But all of us seem to spend too much time Building dreams on sand We see them falling from our hand Upsetting everything that we have planned When we build our dreams on sand.