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Song For Adam
Words and Music by: Jackson Browne (Now we got a tender tune coming up for you here by ah, someone I'm sure you all know and love. Jackson Browne. He's a, hailed as a prophet of the 70's by some and then some say he's just making a profit in the 70's [ha-ha]) Though Adam was a friend of mine I did not know him well He was alone into his distance He was deep inside his well I could guess what he was laughing at But I couldn't really tell Now the story goes that Adam jumped But I'm thinking that he fell. Together we went traveling As we received the call His destination India And I had none at all But I still remember laughing with our backs against the wall So free of fear We never thought that one of us might fall. I sit before my only candle Though it's so little light to find my way Now the story unfolds before my candle Which gets shorter every hour As it reaches for the day And I feel just like a candle In a way I guess I'll get there But I can't say for sure.   When we parted we were laughing still As our good-byes were said And I never heard from him again As each our lives we lead Except for once in someone else's letter that I read And then I heard the sudden word that a friend of mine was dead. I sit beside my only candle Like a pilgrim sits beside the way Now this journey appears before my candle Like a song that's growing fainter The harder that I play 'Til I fear before I end I'll fade away I guess I'll get there But I can't say for sure.