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Originally released in 1973 on MGM Records, So Long Ago the Garden is the  second installment in Larry Norman's famous '70s trilogy that included the dual  masterpieces Only Visiting This Planet and In Another Land. While this  recording might indeed be the weakest of the three, that status should not  inspire old-school Jesus rockers and music fans of all stripes to avoid the  offering. There aren't as many transcendent moments on So Long Ago the  Garden, but there are plenty of highlights, including "Christmas Time," with its  footloose Rolling Stones swagger, and the incredible "Meet Me at the Airport  (Fly, Fly, Fly)." Lyrically, this is one of Norman's more elliptical efforts in terms  of   its Christian references; however, the message is quite clear. Just underneath the  '70s British rock dialect and shimmering songwriting is a defiant sermon that staunchly  proclaims Norman's identity as a devout Christian outsider.  Larry Norman -- Vocals, Keyboards  Bob Brady -- Piano  Tony Carr -- Percussion  Malcolm Duncan -- Saxophone  Roger Ball -- Saxophone  Rod Edwards -- Piano, Clavinet, Wurlitzer, Mini Moog, Hammond Synth  Michael Giles -- Drums  Roger Hand -- Percussion  Hollywood Street Choir -- Vocals  Graham Smith -- Harmonica  Randy Stonehill -- Guitar, Background Vocals  Mickey Keene -- Guitar  Dave Markee -- Bass  Dave Wintour -- Bass  Graham Preskett -- Violin