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This is another one of Larry Normans best! This is one of his best that is less  known than others. If you like "Only Visiting This Planet", "Something New  Under The Son", and "So Long Ago The Garden" you will love this too! Maybe  even more!  This album is an Australian Larry Norman compilation. There are two  versions;  One has tan coloured Rhema labels, the other has blue Starstorm  labels. In both cases the cover says "Starstorm Records" and "Distributed by  Rhema Records." This album has the unofficial title "Starstorm"  The original "Righteous Rocker #2" appeared on MGM single (both as  "Righteous Rocker, Holy Roller" and "Without Love"). It's very much like the  version released on this LP. Other similar versions appeared on "Down Under (But Not Out)"  (Swedish LP), tape, CD-R release "Over & Out," "The Best Of Larry Norman" and on the CD  version of "Only Visiting This Planet" (the bonus track). The title "Righteous Rocker #2" was  originally given on this LP only; later it also appeared on the "Over & Out" CD-R.  This LP features the full-length version of "If God Is My Father" (which is completely different  from the "In Another Land" version but is comparable to the version on the "So Long Ago The  Garden" CD).  The CD release doesn't have bonus tracks. 
Track List 1 - I Don't Want To Lose You 2 - Song For Pamela (Fly, fly, fly) 3 - I've Got To Learn To Live Without You 4 - The Same Old Story 5 - The Great American Novel 6 - Christmastime 7 - Pardon Me 8 - Righteous Rocker #2 9 - Be Careful What You Sign 10 - If God Is My Father Do not have these song availabe yet!