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I Think Hes Hiding
Words and Music by: Randy Newman (Hey, looking good and cooking good with the Surf Duke. My muscles rippling in the sun. Incredible. Hey, all kidding aside, I am gorgeous huh! Alright, I know you love me and I love you back people, I love you back. Now let's see. We will be rockin' out. Hey we got a real interesting tune here by a, gentleman who knows how to write, I'm sure enough, Randy Newman. "I think He's hiding" and "He gives us all His love")   If the Big Boy comes tomorrow There'll be no more teardrops There'll be no more sorrow.   If the Big Boy comes tomorrow Will He take you with Him? Have you been good? Have you been bad? - ooh, have you been bad?   If you haven't lived the way you should You wish you had.   When the Big Boy brings His fiery furnace Will He likes what He sees? Or will He strike the fire and burn us?   Oh, He's so great But He's so straight And you know He's watching Have you been good? Have you been bad?   When things don't go the way they should It makes Him sad.   Come on, Big Boy Come and save us Come and look at what we've done With what You gave us.   Now I've heard it said That the Big Boy's dead.