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Known as "the father of Christian rock," singer and songwriter Larry Norman's  project In Another Land was first released in 1975. It was then reissued by  Solid Rock Records in 1993. Combining rock & roll music with Christian lyrics,  Norman created controversy while at the same time birthing the contemporary  Christian music genre. In Another Land contains some of his most well-  known songs, including "The Rock That Doesn't Roll," "Righteous Rocker  #3," "Why Don't You Look Into Jesus," and "I Am a Servant." The 1993 re-  release also features four bonus tracks consisting of "Looking for Footprints"  and "Strong Love, Strange Peace."  Personnel  Larry Norman: Vocals, Harmonies, Guitar, Percussion and Piano  Randy Stonehill: Guitar and backing vocals  Jon Linn: Guitars  Dudley Moore: Piano  Mark Walker: Drums Tim Ayres: Bass John Michael Talbot: Banjo  Produced by Larry Norman  Engineered by Andy Johns  Assistant engineer Tom Trefethen  Pre-production recording at Solid Rock studios  Recorded at Mama Jo's and Sunset Sound  Mastered at A&M, Studio 3