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I Am A Servant
Words and Music by: Larry Norman I am a servant I am listening for my name I sit here waiting I've been looking at the game That I've been playing And I've been staying much the same When you are lonely You're the only one to blame. I am a servant I am waiting for Your call I've been unfaithful So I sit here in the hall How can You use me When I've never given all? How can You choose me When You know I quickly fall? So You feed my soul And You make me grow And You let me know You love me And I'm worthless now But I've made a vow I will humbly bow before Thee Oh, please use me I am lonely. I am a servant Getting ready for my part There's been a change A rearrangement in my heart At last I'm learning There's no returning once I start To lives a privilege To love is such an art But I need Your help to start Oh, please purify my heart I am Your servant.