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The Outlaw
Words and Music by: Larry Norman Some say He was an outlaw That He roamed across the land With a band of unschooled ruffians And few old fishermen No one knew just where He came from Or exactly what He'd done But they said it must be something bad That kept Him on the run. Some say He was a poet That He'd stand upon the hill And His voice could calm an angry crowd And make the waves stand still That He spoke in many parables That few could understand But the people sat for hours Just to listen to this Man. Some say He was a sorcerer A Man of mystery He could walk upon the water He could make a blind man see That He conjured wine at weddings And did tricks with fish and bread That He talked of being born again And raised people from the dead. Some say a politician Who spoke of being free He was followed by the masses On the shores of Galilee He spoke out against corruption And He bowed to no decree They feared His strength and power So they nailed Him to a tree. Some say He was the Son of God A Man above all men That He came to be a servant And to set us free from sin And that's who I believe He was 'Cause that's who I believe And I think we should get ready 'Cause it's time for us to leave.