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Television Interview - 1971
For every successful and familiar name recording Jesus Rock There are five groups singing religious music anywhere they can Groups with such names as "The Children Of Light", "Sea Of Galilee" or the "JC Power Outlet" The group here is called "Gentle Faith." They've given up their old ways for the Jesus Movement and they say their main contribution is their music. One young man, Larry Norman, gave up a successful recording career to devote his time and his talent to religion. Larry Norman still records and he still performs, but all for Jesus. "The reason I changed  from Rock 'n' Rock music to Jesus music. Rock 'n' Roll music didn't make me happy, didn't, ah, validate any of my friends' happiness. It didn't make me happy. We're all looking for something to make, ah, us real, to bring something into focus. Music and art and drugs and all of those things just ended up being escapes. It didn't bring any truth that we could hold onto, so I, I found Jesus with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That's what changed me concretely. The day that happened, that was when I left the group. We had a hit record. It was on its way toward a million seller and the album came out. The day the album came out was when I left the group 'cause I had what I wanted, Jesus." Were you religious before? "I was religious but I don't think Jesus is religion. People make up religion about Him. He is more than a religion." How do you mean more? "He's real. Religion's not real. To me religion is not based on superstition and guilt and ritual. Jesus isn'." Explain that to me! "I don't have to go to a church every day. I go to church in my heart. I don't have to kneel or bow. My Spirit has been humbled and bowed. Ah, I'm not afraid of approval from the preachers or the members of the church. I just, I have to be right before God. I have to read my Bible and a, to stay informed on whom man is and who God is." You say Jesus is real. You talk, I gather the philosophy that we know through the Bible. That's real to you? "The Philos.. , the whole Bible is real to me. To me, it's all accurate. I didn't used to think that way. It's too intellectual. Now I find myself being, my mind is cleared up even more than when I thought it was  intellectual. It all makes sense."