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In the interim between his recordings for Capitol and being signed to MGM,  Larry Norman had two independent releases and this was the first. This and  Randy Stonehill's parallel recording 'Born Twice' were funded by a loan from  Pat Boone and followed a simple pattern. Side one was live recordings and  side two was studio songs. Like many of Norman's albums, there have  already been two versions of this album and if you're buying for nostalgia,  you'd better make sure it's the same album you want! Both have the same  lineup of live songs "Peacepolutionrevolution", a lengthy "Right Here In  America" and "I Wish We'd All Been Ready" all recorded when Larry was at  the   height of his powers. The album kicks off with a witty poem "First Day In Church"  which Larry reads in a strange, strangled cockney accent. The studio half of the album  features a brilliant raw underground version of "I Am The Six O'Clock News" which in 1970  was probably the most far out music being released by a Christian anywhere. There are also  early versions of "She's A Dancer" and "I Don't Wanna Lose You". There's a short piano  song "The Price Of Living" and the better known groovy "Sigrid Jane". At only 35 minutes in  length, there would have been plenty of room for Larry to include the alternative studio songs  from the original release of this album including "No More LSD For Me" and "Baby Out Of  Wedlock" but sadly they're not here. Still, it's a classic Jesus music album.