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It bothers me that in the movies they never show Jesus really, you know, the right way. Every movie I've seen He walks around like, you know, He's just had His nails done or something. He never looks at anybody, He's always looking ahead, you know. I guess He's reading the script card or something. I saw one movie He was like, you know, superstar cast. All good actors were in it. I doubt they read the Bible but they all had their scripts memorized. You read the Bible? No, but I seen the movie. All these people, John Wayne was a centurion in one of the movies. You know, this is the man who's  in charge of a hundred soldiers. He stood at the foot of the cross and he, when Jesus died, in the Bible it says that the man looked up and knew who this was, God's Son. So they picked John Wayne to play it. Honestly I can just imagine the director, it comes John's time and "kluck" Alright, John's 1, "Surely this was the Son of God?" Can you see a bunch of people sitting around the table at the last supper, you know, Cary Grant and a Walter Brennan. And Jesus says "Do this in remembrance of Me" and Walter Brennan is going "You beat it, beat it. Nice bread.  
Jesus And The Movies