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To Larry Norman Lyrics.com Welcome in the name of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. I have enjoyed creating  this site and it is by no means complete. This site was created as a result of me  searching for Larry's lyrics on the internet and not finding a complete list.  Larry put out nearly 100 solo albums over a period of 40 years. There are many  variations and many versions were missing. Complete albums with new songs on  them were not even covered. Listening to some of Larry's songs (especially his live  albums) I found it difficult to hear any alteration to the verses and spent hours and  hours trying to figure out the lyrics, sometimes without success. Hopefully as time passes and with help from other Larry Norman fans, I can have a  comprehensive list of not only his songs, but all the different versions of the songs.  Sometime in the future I hope to have a forum up so the average Larry Norman fan or  the hardened Larry Norman enthusiast can share knowledge, not only about lyrics,  but also albums and MP3 compilations. This site is mostly for a comprehensive lyric  collection, but can be used by all Larry Norman fans to share almost about anything.  On YouTube I am currently busy uploading Larry's music using images and lyrics to  bring the song to life. You can visit my YouTube account here: Larry Norman 
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